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Product management needs to lead the digital transformation

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Joshua has had a successful career at his company where he started as a call centre executive and then moved up the ranks to work on their dot com era e-commerce platform as a web master. As the years progressed he transitioned into product management where he today manages the mobile channel and its various applications. Even after years of experience he struggles today with staying up to date with what is happening around him as technology has moved leaps and bounds and customer experiences are demanding for digital. There used to be a time where he could just do a product release every quarter but now he needs to be able to roll out new functionality in a matter of weeks if not days. At a recent planning workshop he asked his team how they could deliver more for the business as their mobile channel has now become the focus point for the company as customers are shopping more online and its cheaper to acquire new customers online.

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