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Lessons in product management - Blackberry

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Blackberry formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM) was the pioneer in enterprise messaging at the start of the millenium. Every banker on wallstreet had one of those and was affectionally called a crackberry. A mobile communicator, phone, email and instant messaging device which allowed executives to seamlessly and instantly exchange information securerly with other users on the network. They did so many things right when they had it all right and going strong year by year with new models being released. In June 2007 the stock price reached an all time high of CAD 182.50. To many it was the gold standard for secure communication which was trusted by the worlds biggest companies, financial institutions and governments. Having a blackberry by your side was a even a status symbol, a status symbol which went so far up that it was elitest in many ways - yes more elitiest to have that chunky looking device than even the most expensive apple phone. If you have a blackberry it was inferred that you were important enough in your company to get one, you must be one of the movers and shakers, rainmakers who must have a critical role where your decisions are time sensitive and important for the organisation.

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