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Building products for the future

In our fast paced digital world how can a product manager stay relevant to customers and the business?

Future proofing and solving the problems of tomorrow requires a different kind of thinking. One has to start by getting into a deep work flow of carefully analysing the visualising how the next couple of years will shape up. While there is no crystal ball for accuracy there are cues which can be taken into consideration to form a view of where society and business is heading.

Think about how the future narrative of business will change in the next 5 years and how we must as product managers position ourselves for our own career growth and how we need to change the way we think and empower ourselves to continuously adapt. The products of the future will be smart, connected, decentralised, and immersive.

If we limit our creativity and innovation to the problem statements that are driven from the events and systems that exist today, then we are not doing justice to our roles as product managers. We must ask ourselves "What will the problems of tomorrow be?"

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