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An experience in the metaverse

My first day in a metaverse – I had the best day ever! I caught up a with a friend, we went to one of the meta rooms had a chat, and then explored a nearby exhibition and even met some new people in the lobby. Later in the evening I caught a movie shared a popcorn and accompanied some trekkers to the top of the world and even flew past the swiss alps. Not having travelled for a while I wanted to revisit some of my favorite cities so I ported myself into La Ramble in Barcelona and ended up on the Singapore River Cruise reminiscing about some good times. I ended up jumping into hyper speed to be escorted by tie-fighters into the imperial galactic prison. I was able to do all of this in through a VR headset. The experience was more than what I had expected for a US$399 device.

Having tinkered around on sandbox and decentraland which I wasn’t too impressed with (graphically) the experience through the Oculus Quest 2 was overwhelming and simply put the greatest immersive and connected experience I ever had with any piece of technology. VR headset has shown the power of what lies ahead as this technology continues to evolve and gets us even more connected. I can see the future now its certainly going to push us into new boundaries of commerce and human exchange.

Some of the use case which have a strong potential for success are in entertainment, art, travel, education, coaching, gaming, collaboration, employment and productivity. There are already some concerts being shown, fans can get access to exclusive events and buy a seat. Immersive tours of galleries and art work can be put up with NFTs being embedded for purchase. Personal development is another area where people can meet in meta to learn more. Lasty the biggest opportunity lies in collaboration, decentralized offices can now go beyond zoom. I tried an app called immersive it was able to bring in the screen from my laptop into the vr, it was a new way of getting things done.

I am positively excited to see how all of this becomes accessible to a bigger audience. There is some stigma around this VR / meta world, and that’s understandable. Everyone should try it, I for one am a fan and I am going to get more of my friends and family to go try it. Oh and just before bed i got 9 holes of golf in with a couple of pars, not too shabby at all I must say.

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